Apple Sold 3 million AirPods During Black Friday


According to the Wedbush Securities channel message, Daniel Ive’s analysis showed that during Black Friday /Cyber Monday, Apple sold approximately  3 million AirPods and AirPods Pro.

The analysis says these products’ demand during the holidays has soared. Although the above-mentioned fact, we have seen some price discounting for Black Friday. But most AirPods demand is simply fuelled by an interest in the products themselves.

Last week, it was reported that since its introduction, Apple AirPods headphones market performance has been good. The recently-launched (on October 30) headset sales increased dramatically. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently submitted a Memorandum to all of the manufacturers. It requested the Chinese supplier (Lucent Precision) to double its output from the current 1 million per month to 2 million per month. Lucent Precision currently has two factories for Apple AirPods Pro headphone production. It is unclear how they are going to increase production capacity – to open a new plant or hire more workers?

Wedbush said that these production increases helping to minimize supply constraints and they expect Apple to be able to meet almost all of the AirPods order needs. Having said that, the Apple Store is currently reporting a 4-week delay in shipping times for new AirPods Pro purchases.

AirPods Pro

It is worth to say that Apple’s wireless headphones are the company’s fastest-growing products in recent years. Apple has succeeded in starting the movement to make wireless headphones a status symbol. However, Other companies are now ramping up competition for the headset. Wedbush’s Daniel Ives gives predictions on approximately how much Apple will make off their AirPods alone this year. It is about 60 million now, and it will reach 80 million by 2020. And soon, it will exceed 100 million mark.

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