Apple Teamed Up With Burberry: Developing The “R Message” Chat Tool

Apple and luxury brand Burberry are going to develop a new chat tool called “R Message”. It will help the latter create a more personalized shopping experience. The “R Message” service will integrate with Burberry’s iOS app and allow store employees to send messages directly to selected customers. The service will only be offered through invitations and will be tested before launching to each Burberry store.

According to Vogue Business, Burberry store employees currently use an internal application called R World for inventory management and receiving company news. The system is similar to the Hello app of the store team member of the Apple retail store. R Message connects Burberry’s internal systems with its customer-facing applications “to make in-store reservations, receive personalized product recommendations, and purchase products.”

Burberry has provided direct communication with customers through its iMessage. However R Message is more “exclusive”. By limiting functionality to selecting clients, Burberry employees can provide personalized support rather than a common system. The positioning of this feature is to maintain and strengthen the relationship with the brand’s high value and mobile priority customers.

While R Message seems to be a custom platform built for Burberry. It could be a valuable tool for other retailers looking to personalize their shopping experience. Apple has not announced any plans to expand its support for platforms such as R Message.

Burberry and Apple have a long history of cooperation. Burberry is the first to have its own brand of Apple Music channel. In 2013, the Burberry London fashion show was completely record with the iPhone 5s.

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