Apple Will Increase Battery Capacity Of 5G iPhone

Apple is working hard to solve the endurance of the iPhone 12. It is also a change that must be due to the addition of support for 5G networks. The iPhone 12 series will use Qualcomm X55 baseband. Even if they have optimized the power consumption of this 5G baseband with Qualcomm, the higher power consumption still makes them have to make some adjustments, that is, directly Increase battery capacity.

According to the latest report from Korean media, Apple will adopt a new battery protection circuit on the 2020 iPhone. The length (50 mm to 26 mm) and thickness (1.8 mm to 1 mm) will be further reduced. That is, the size will be reduced, which is close to 50 %. It is said that the realization method is the combination of MOSFET (metal half field-effect transistor) and PCB board.

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According to the other information, the iPhone 12 series will have a stock of at least 100 million units next year. Apple will launch smaller 5.4-inch iPhones, iPhones with 6.1-inch screens, and iPhones with 6.7-inch screens. 6.7 inches will be the largest size of all Apple phone models.

For the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch versions, it will support Samsung Y-OCTA technology. It allows the touch screen circuit to be built directly on the OLED panel without the need for a separate layer. Thereby it can make the display panel thinner and reduce production costs.

As for the 6.1-inch version, Apple will continue to use LCD screen materials. It may be limited by the cost and production capacity of OLED screens. The iPhone 12 capacity will also be upgraded. Specifically, the iPhone 12 will have 4GB capacity, while the iPhone 12 Pro series will have 6GB.


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