Apple’s Chief Designer Ai Wei Left His Postion To Start His Own Firm LoveFrom Jony

June 2019, Apple announced the release of Jony Ive, the design manager, to create his own separate design firm. His new firm name and emblem are vulnerable, along with the very easy ribbon reads:”LoveFrom Jony”.

“LoveFrom” is the title of his startup firm that Jonathan said on his day of leaving Apple, followed closely by”Jony” which is his name, which can be also term as LoveFrom Jonathan.

Ivey’s new business name is”LoveFrom Jony

According to the US Patent and Trademark, Office Jonathan has officially applied for a trademark for “Lovefrom Jonathan.” The application date for this particular record is July 18, 2019, along with the abroad application date is May 29, 2019 – therefore his notion of ​​quitting the job is in May.

Lovefrom jony

Description of this US registered firm

Trademark applications also cite some important products and services which could be associated with”love”. However the listing essentially covers all merchandise categories which you may consider. Obviously, the enrolled firm will compose everything including cars, drones, beauty products, household appliances, kitchen appliances, and more. .

On the day Jonathan resigned from Apple, the company also stated that it might also join his company as a client. Ivey said that he wouldn’t become an employee of Apple, but he’ll stay”actively engaged” for several years to come.

There’s not any specific date for Jonathan to leave Apple. Last month’s announcement only said that Ivey will depart the company”this Year”. But with according to the documents, it’s apparent he is advancing his new firm.

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