Apple's Glorious Decade

Apple’s Glorious Decade: Cook’s Products Hardly Exceed Job’s

Recently, a famous American journalist Walt Mossberg said in an interview with The Verge that Apple from 2011 to 2019 obtained great financial growth under the leadership of  CEO Tim Cook. It was Apple’s Glorious Decade. But there have been a few mistakes, and more importantly, the company’s business has fundamentally changed.

Apple's Glorious Decade

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In Apple’s Glorious Decade, Apple continued to grow and develop. The company’s 2019 fiscal year revenue is 6 times more than it was in the 2009 fiscal year. Besides, it’s new headquarters are larger than in the United States Pentagon.

In 1998, Steve Jobs launched the last paragraph series of game-changing hardware products. He released the iPad in the first month of 2010. But a year later, Steve Jobs left because of illness. He resigned as Apple CEO On 2011 24 June. So, 6 weeks after his death, Tim Cook Became CEO as his successor. As the Apple of excellence global operations supervisor, Cook did well for the company. But he didn’t do it alone. It is thanks to Apple design genius Johnny Ivey (Jony Ive). It is worth to say, that he does not like jobs when the relationship becomes intimacy. So, he put most of the hardware and software aspects of the decision-making power handed over to the AI dimension.

Cook came to power after facing pressure. He introduced beautiful, high-quality products in order to maintain the company’s development and profitability. Cook had hinted that Apple will be in the field of television exhibition plans. But when these plans were not achieved as scheduled, he went back down again.

In the Apple’s Glorious Decade, Apple’s most memorable product is still in a Jobs-era: In the 2010 release of the redesigned MacBook Air, and in the same year the launch of the iPhone 4.Belonging to Cook’s first new product is the release of smartwatches Apple Watch in 2015. But until 2017, the third-generation Apple Watch launch, Apple find the appropriate hardware, software features. Essentially, this is the product of a restart.

The two items belonging to the Cook era of hardware innovation that has gone into The Verge of the top“nearly a decade of 100 of the most popular electronic products” is in the top ten. In fact, Apple’s products not only in the standings ranked first, and the top ten in a total of four products, is also the only company on the list that has one or more products of the company. Then Apple threw down and has a dull period. But this is not entirely Cook’s fault. Some insiders believe that the Cook gave Ivy headed the design team too much authority. So, between designers and engineers balance has disappeared. And at least in the earlier this year, Ivy before so left Apple.

Cook’s Products Hardly Exceed Job’s:

Although it is said Apple is working on reality glasses and self-driving cars, Cook the largest try is to enter the can generated revenues of service areas, rather than the equipment in the field. Apple to provide services of the list seems to be growing every year: the music service Apple Music, pay service Apple Pay, the press service of the Apple News Plus, Credit Card Services Apple credit card, the game subscription service to Apple Arcade, and the recently launched named Apple TV Plus video streaming service. This allows Apple to enter in the Jobs era undreamed of industries. But these industries are considered to support its ecosystem of the key. This most is a gamble.

Jobs was a bit to protect user privacy hawks, but the Cook in the policies and rhetoric of both the user privacy to a higher level, saying that privacy is a “human rights”. In 2016, the United States together with terrorism cases, even with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)conducted a famous contest, in order to protect the iPhone encryption function.

Over the years, Apple has been the world’s most important consumer technology hardware company. During Apple’s Glorious Decade it becomes both large and wealthy. But it is unclear whether it will be able to become everyone’s favorite music provider, TV network or news service, provider. Or, it could launch another blockbuster product.

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