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Behind the Iphone: Apple Watch becomes the First to Take the Screen Fingerprint

Nowadays, thousands of Android machines already supports the screen fingerprint function. However, this function still does not enter any of Apple’s devices.

Now, a new Apple patent suggests that the company is also studying the under-screen fingerprint technology. This feature may be first install on Apple Watch, then the iPhone.

Apple Watch

According to PatentlyApple, the Apple patent was filed in the second quarter of 2018 and was recently released, related to the Apple Watch. The patent describes embedding an antenna in a strap. It also states that the display of the watch may include “one or more input devices. Such as touch sensing devices, temperature sensing devices or fingerprint sensors.”

Apple Watch currently relies on pairing and proximity to the iPhone for authentication, but this is not ideal. In addition, a complex system like Face ID is obviously not suitable for Apple Watch, so the fingerprint on the screen may be a more suitable solution.

Regarding the antenna in the strap, Apple pointed out that the antenna needs some special functions, such as being able to stretch, bend and bend and maintain comfort.

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