Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro Released

Today, Black Shark Technology held an online press conference and officially released two 5G products, Tencent Black Shark 3 and Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 Pro. At the same time, Black Shark’s ice-cooled cooling back clip Pro, the third generation of Black Shark gamepads and the second generation of Black Shark Bluetooth gaming headsets were also released.

Black Shark 3

As you understand, the Black Shark 3 series phones include the Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro. From the release of the first Black Shark gaming phone almost two years ago, today, the company introduced the third generation of Black Shark products.

Black Shark 3 Design

The appearance of the Black Shark 3 continues the design style of previous generations, with a symmetrical front panel design and a triangular camera arrangement. The Black Shark 3 is available in four colors: Lightning Black, Armor Gray, Star Silver, and Bright Pink. At the same time, the Black Shark 3 Pro is available in Phantom Black and Armor Gray.

Black Shark 3

The difference between the Black Shark 3 and the Black Shark 3 Pro is mainly the screen size. The Black Shark 3 comes with a 6.67-inch AMOLED gaming screen optimized for Tencent games, supports 2400×1080 resolution and 90Hz high refresh rate, and also supports 270Hz touch sampling rate.

The Black Shark 3 Pro increases the screen size to 7.1 inches on the basis of Black Shark 3, adopts a non-profiled full-screen design, and increases the resolution to 3120×1440.

The Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro are optimized for gaming. They come with 90Hz adaptation and performance adjustment for a number of popular games such as “Peace Elite”, “QQ Speeder” and “Honor of Kings”. Also, they support TrueView color temperature intelligent adjustment, real-time monitoring of ambient light color temperature, analysis of current game screen content, and intelligent adjustment ensure the best display effect. Plus, they support Memc motion interpolation technology 2.0, intelligent 90Hz dynamic frame rate adjustment, and screen color calibration.

Black Shark 3 Pro

Interestingly, the Black Shark 3 series also implements voice control, supporting popular game settings such as “Honor of Kings” and “Peace Elite” to set language instructions.

The Black Shark 3 Pro uses a lift-type physical button that supports free lift and independent use, and is naturally stored in non-game scenarios. Black Shark said that in the game scene, it brings a low-latency and untouched experience. Also, it guarantees the stability of the keys, provide automatic fall protection function.

Black Shark 3 Performance

The Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G, comes with 12GB LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.0 flash storage, and runs on JOYUI 11 based on Android 10 system.

In terms of batteries, the Black Shark 3 sports a series charging and discharging dual battery system, with a battery capacity of 4720mAh. It supports 65W charging and 18W back magnetic charging. Black Shark says that it can charge 780mAh in 15 minutes, and the battery will have 100% power in 38 minutes.

The Black Shark 3 Pro also supports 65W wired fast charge and 5000mAh capacity battery. It can fully charge the battery in 38 minutes. The time is the same as Black Shark 3 with 4720mAh capacity. The official explanation says that the data is not wrong here. Because the larger Black Shark 3 Pro can provide better heat dissipation, the charging speed is faster.

For gaming phones, the hardware configuration will not be weak. What really determines its actual performance is the overall heat dissipation design.

Black Shark spent a lot of time introducing the cooling solution of Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3-the center axis board plus a left-right symmetrical dual-battery architecture solution, which is officially called “sandwich” liquid cooling.


Black Shark designed a dual axis battery architecture with a center axis plate and left and right symmetry. On a narrow strip-shaped circuit board with a length of 116 mm, the heating elements are dispersedly arranged to avoid heat sources from being superimposed.  

In order to quickly remove the heat from the motherboard, Black Shark tailored two liquid-cooled units with a length of nearly 100mm for narrow strip circuit boards. The circuit boards were tightly wrapped by directly touching the heat source, as if it were a sandwich. , Let the circuit board and the liquid cooling unit be integrated into one, and then supplemented with a large area of ​​graphite on both sides.

The company claims that through the device layout and three-dimensional liquid cooling system, the heat dissipation area of ​​the entire machine’s key heat source is increased by 100% and the heat dissipation capacity is increased by 50%.

Price and Availability

The Black Shark 3 is divided into three configurations, 8GB + 128GB version is priced at 3499 yuan; 12GB + 128GB is priced at 3799 yuan; 12GB + 256GB is priced at 3999 yuan.

Black Shark 3

The Black Shark 3 Pro has two configurations, 8GB + 256GB costs 4699 yuan; 12GB + 256GB comes at 4999 yuan.

Black Shark 3 Pro

The regular variant will be available for pre-order tonight at 9 o’clock and go on sale at 10 o’clock on March 6

The Pro variant will be available for pre-sale on March 10 and will be available for sale at 10 o’clock on March 17.

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