Black Shark 3 Coming With 5000mAh and 65W Charging Head

Today, Luo Shao, CEO of Black Shark Technology Co., Ltd. said on Weibo that a 5G gaming smartphone charging and discharging system needs to consider the balance between charging power and battery capacity. Of course, the manufacturers should also keep in mind that 5G overlays the power supply ability of the game heavy load scene. This affects the life cycle of the battery. ‘Of course, the duration of the maximum charging power also depends on the thermal design of the entire machine.’

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At the same time, Luo Shao initiated a poll about the charging and discharging system of 5G gaming smartphones. It showed that the top combination is 5000mAh with 65W fast charge, which can be charged 100% in 38 minutes. And the battery cycle life is more than 800 times. IT Home found that nearly 90% of users have chosen this option.

Previously exposed network data showed that the Black Shark 3 smartphone charger supports up to 66W fast charging, including 5V3A, 9V3A, 11V6A and 20V3.25A outputs.

In this regard, the Black Shark 3 gaming phone is expected to use a 2K resolution screen, to support manual / smart switching at 2K / 1080P resolution, and also support a screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

Luo Yuzhou said on February 2 that in view of the current situation, the traditional press conference where offline personnel gather is no longer suitable. So Black Shark will host a high-quality online press conference. The release date of the Black Shark 3 has not yet been announced.

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