Black Shark 3

Black Shark 3 Showcases ‘sandwich’ Liquid Cooling: Specializes In 5G Smartphones With Greater Heat Consumption

Today, Black Shark detailed the cooling solution of Tencent’s Black Shark 3. The center axis board plus a left-right symmetrical dual-battery architecture solution are officially called ‘sandwich’ liquid cooling.

Black Shark believes that the hardware configuration only determines the ultimate ability that the smartphone can reach in theory. The real performance of the device is conditioned by the overall heat dissipation design.

Previously, Black Shark had used the first generation of multi-stage direct-contact liquid-cooled heat dissipation, the second-generation dual-liquid cooling system, and the third-generation liquid-cooled plate plus liquid-cooled tube heat source partitioning.

Black Shark 3 Requires Better Heat Dissipation

With the advent of the 5G era, higher bandwidth and lower latency also bring greater heat consumption. With the advent of more and more high-quality mobile games, Black Shark believes that the traditional half-board architecture is difficult to apply to the 5G gaming phone.

So Black Shark designed a dual-axis battery architecture solution with a center axis plate and left and right symmetry. On a narrow strip-shaped circuit board with a length of 116 mm, the heating elements are dispersedly arranged to avoid heat sources from being superimposed. In particular, the AP and 5G modem are placed on the upper and lower sides of the motherboard, with a distance of 39mm. This is unimaginable on the traditional half-board and stacked board architecture.

In order to quickly remove the heat from the motherboard, Black Shark tailored two liquid-cooled units with a length of nearly 100mm for narrow strip circuit boards. The circuit boards were tightly wrapped by directly touching the heat source, as if it was a sandwich. This lets the circuit board and the liquid cooling unit integrate into one. Then, it supplemented with a large area of ​​graphite on both sides.

Black Shark claims that such an architecture, device layout, and three-dimensional liquid-cooled cooling system make the heat dissipation area of ​​the machine’s key heat source 100% higher than the previous generation. Moreover, the heat dissipation capacity is higher by 50%. Especially when you hold the Black Shark 3 horizontally, the temperature in the grip area will be significantly lower.


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