Black Shark 3 Pro

Black Shark 3 To Come With Improved RGB Lighting Effect

The Tencent Black Shark 3 will be officially released on March 3. The online conference will be broadcast live at the same time. Today, the chairman of Black Shark Technology Sha Peter introduced the Pro version’s back clip. It has increased the RGB lighting effect compared to the ordinary version.

We have also learned that the Black Shark Pro version has a stronger heat dissipation effect than the ordinary version, and has added RGB lighting effects that are very popular among users. The lighting effects can be changed with mood. It supports Bluetooth Smart Connect. The latter monitors the back clip temperature in real-time through the app to control the heat dissipation gear. According to the official introduction, the phone can drop the temperature by 14° C for 1 minute at 25° C ambient temperature. In addition, this is a universal accessory that is compatible with most smartphones and can be used by both Android and IOS users.

We also know the Black Shark 3 will use a specially-designed dual-battery system. The advantage of series charging is that the current flows through two batteries at the same time, the charging time is halved, and the charging is faster. The battery’s equivalent internal resistance is reduced by half when it is put in parallel. And the shutdown voltage is lower, which allows the battery to release more power. At the same time, it has a stronger load capacity, and easily copes with the heavy-load scenario of 5G + games.

Of course, under the hood, it will carry the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, 12GB RAM, built-in 4720mAh battery supporting 65W fast charging and magnetic charging on the back, and retain 3.5mm headphone jack.


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