Black Shark Bi-Wing Handle Set Announced At 299 Yuan ($43)

Yesterday, Xiaomi officially announced that the Black Shark Bi-Wing Handle Set Xiaomi Mi 10 Custom Gift Box will be available for sale at Xiaomi Mall on March 13. Following the schedule, an appointment has now been opened for 299 yuan ($43).

Black Shark Bi-Wing Handle Set

The Black Shark Bi-Wing Handle Set has a small body and is easy to carry. The weight of the left and right handles is only 40g. It supports the exclusive App Bluetooth one-click connection, that is, you can use it immediately.

In addition to the double-wing handle, it also has a mecha-style protective case, which is specially designed for the Xiaomi Mi 10 series.

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The customized protective case and the double-wing handle are linked by a mechanical slide rail. They are gently rubbed to make a crisp click. After, the smartphone will be turned into a handheld.

In terms of battery life, the controller can be charged once and the official standard can play for 40+ hours. At present, this package is only suitable for Xiaomi Mi 10 series phones.

What Else But This Black Shark Bi-Wing Handle Set Xiaomi Mi 10 Offers To Gamers?

The Mi 10 series has added a high-energy moment in the game. It can be opened in the game box when playing and supports AI recording. Using the powerful AI computing power of Snapdragon 865, you don’t need to choose the time. We mean it will automatically record your high energy moment according to the performance in the game.

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 10 also supports Game Turbo 3.0, which can intelligently sense the complex scenes of the game and schedule system resources in real-time to effectively avoid stutters.

In the game, you can also call the game toolbox. You can see the real-time CPU, GPU usage, and frame number. You can quickly reply to the message and find the game strategy without leaving the game.

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