Blockbuster: Huawei sells American technology to North Korea

In accordance with PhoneArena information, Blockbuster noted that Huawei sold US technologies to North Korea.

The report remarked that the”Washington Post” said that based on leaked documents, they covertly helped North Korea build and preserve its wireless technology. Additionally, because Huawei goods (used in North Korea) include US components and parts. It violates the US sanctions from the export of specific equipment to North Korea.

A former company employee supplied the Washington Post using proof of spreadsheets, work contracts and orders in the Huawei database. The record indicates that Huawei along with a Chinese firm named Panda International Information Technology Co. Ltd. Which happen to be participated in job collaboration in North Korea for at least eight decades. The Washington Post said that Panda International engaged in these endeavors and hidden company involvement. Other files were forwarded to the Washington Post by anonymous sources, who stated the anonymous folks”hoped to see the materials public”.

Huawei has formally denied this news.

In a official statement company said it”is completely committed to complying with applicable regulations and laws of those countries and areas where they function. It includes all export controls and sanctions regulations and laws of that country.

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