Burger King Pushes Artificial Meat Burgers Throughout US

According to the latest news coming in, starting from August 8th, Burger King will officially launch its own full-fledged hamburger. With artificial meat in more than its 7000 stores in the United States.

According to the latest news from the US, since August 8th Burger King will debut its large burger made of artificial meat in more than 7,000 of its stores in the US. The burger will feature the same name as the former Burger King’s flagship product, Whopper, called Impossible Whopper.

Burger King is getting its artificial meat from the ImpossibleFoods. It contains potato protein, soy protein, and sunflower without the use of any real meat. There is no difference between them and beef meat taste-wise. Also, artificial meat costs around $5.59, which is around only $1 higher than the real meat but it can reduce fat by 15% and 90%.

Burger King started its artificial meat venture from this April 2019 in its St. Louis franchise. However, their supplier remains the sam Impossible Foods. Data shows that due to artificial meat, the store has seen a surge of 18.5% compared to the national average.

According to the media reports, the “artificial meat” burgers increase not only the choice of vegetarians but its also an environmentally-friendly alternative. Artificial meat helps in reducing the use of water, land, and greenhouse gas emissions.

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