Mijia Smart Projector 2 Pro is Released, Starting at 6939 yuan($1055)

Xiaomi released the Mijia Smart Projector 2 Pro today. It supports 1920×1080 FHD picture quality and high brightness up to 1300 ANSI lumens. Due to HDR10, the projector provides better contrast. In terms of audio, the projector has a built-in 10W speaker, which supports DTS-HD and Dolby sound effects. In addition, the machine also has omnidirectional autofocus and non-sensing instant autofocus functions. That means that users no longer need to manually position the picture.

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Projector 2 Pro runs on Android TV. So you can use a large number of streaming media options and applications as well as the support of Chromecast and Google Assistant. Its retail price is 999 Euros.

Mijia Smart Projector 2 Pro Key Features

The newly released Mijia Smart Projector 2 Pro has excellent 1920×1080 FHD picture quality. Moreover the screen size can be adjusted from 60 inches to 120 inches. In order to simulate a real home theater environment, the Mijia Projector 2 Pro uses a 0.47-inch DMD chip with a maximum brightness of 1300 ANSI lumens. With the support of HDR10, the visual effect is further improved, providing high contrast and clear colors, which is dizzying.

The Mijia Projector 2 Pro has built-in 10W speakers, using dual tweeters and dual full-range woofers. Coupled with the support of DTS-HD and Dolby Audio, the projector can provide clear and transparent sound quality in all audio sources. You can also seamlessly connect it to the audio source via Bluetooth and use as an independent speaker.

Other Features

In order to save users from the tedious work of positioning the picture, the Mijia Smart Projector 2 Pro has carried out omnidirectional keying correction. It also can automatically align the picture size from any direction within the range of 40 degrees, forming a perfect rectangle on the wall. There will be any deformation. With the ToF sensor and camera focusing function, it can automatically bring the picture into focus in just 2 seconds.

Mijia Smart Projector 2 Pro

The Smart Projector 2 Pro runs on the certified Android TV operating system and provides endless viewing content, games and applications through an intuitive and easy-to-browse user interface. With Netflix pre-installed, viewers can easily cast their own content using Chromecast. With the built-in Google Assistant, viewers can not only switch between programs using voice only, but also control connected smart devices to unlock a seamless smart home experience through this new type of smart home hub.

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