Under-Screen Camera Needs Time To Complete Imaging

At present, the hole-punch screen has gradually become the standard configuration of high-end flagships. Similarly, the front camera has become the last threshold for manufacturers to achieve a true full screen effect. In order to achieve a true full-screen form, both manufacturers and consumers hope that the under-screen camera will be mass-produced and commercialized.

In this way, the forehead part of the full-screen smartphone will no longer be hampered by the front camera, sensor and other components. So the screen-to-body ratio can be higher, and it can realize a true full-screen design.

However, the under-screen camera technology is not perfect. Today, Zhang Xuan of OnePlus stated that the under-screen camera should achieve a shooting effect approximately equal to the opening. It is also estimated that it will take a long time.

Difiiculties related to under-screen cameras

Shen Yiren also expressed similar views before. At this stage, it is difficult for the under-screen camera to achieve the same effect as the off-screen camera. The optical quality will definitely be lost. At the same time, the new technology will not be developed to perfection in a short time.

Although the under-screen camera technology is one of the development directions of the industry, it is the same as the on-screen fingerprint technology. The camera also needs time to complete imaging. This is one of the reasons why most flagships choose the hole-punch screen solution.

At this stage, the hole-punch screen solution can guarantee a higher screen-to-body ratio while ensuring imaging. It is the best solution for the current full screen.

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