Xiaomi Audio And Video Conference Speaker Coming At 1999 Yuan ($313)

There is left one niche, where Xiaomi hasn’t launched a product for. We are talking about video conferencing. It’s a messy niche because the products for this category have high requirements to connection, technology, design, etc. As a result, they are expensive. But with Xiaomi’s entrance in any niche, the price lowers immediately. Today, we learned that Xiaomi officially announced that its first remote conferencing device, the Xiaomi audio and video conference speaker, is here. It provides a brand-new solution for remote conferencing scenarios.

The Xiaomi audio and video speaker is equipped with an 8-core 14-nanometer Qualcomm APQ8053 chip. It supports 4K ultra-clear images and clear call quality, a 120° wide-angle field of view, and 5 meters of smart pickup. All these features are mandatory for top-end smart conference speakers.

Xiaomi Audio and Video conference speaker

The detailed specifications of this new product have not yet been announced, but judging from the warm-up poster, the device integrates audio and video, and has both a camera and a speaker. It is not large in size and should be easy to carry around.

The Xiaomi audio and video conference speaker will go on sale on June 10. Its retail price is 1999 yuan ($313).

In fact, Xiaomi has a huge experience in making smart speakers. But they are for ordinary consumers and not for professionals. In this sense, the new Xiaomi audio and video conference speaker is the first product of the company for this niche and for this kind of users.


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