Xiaomi Launches Anti-Sneak Camera Named Smoovie

In recent years, in terms of media reports and the frequency of exposure on social platforms, it is not uncommon for many hotels to hide pinhole cameras to capture user privacy. And it has caused panic. Now, Xiaomi Youpin has launched an anti-sneak camera. The device provides an extra layer of protection for those who need to go out frequently in hotels and young couples. So the pinhole camera of hotels has no place to hide.

Xiaomi anti-sneak camera

Moreover, a black industrial chain has been formed behind the sneak shots. Under the trend of huge interests, not only hotels but also fitting rooms in shopping malls and other places with more privacy may be placed by illegal personnel with pinhole cameras. So, these pinhole cameras are also more concealed, such as in the socket, on the back of the glass, or modification of various electrical appliances.

Xiaomi anti-sneak camera

Working principle

In response to more and more serious potential risks, Xiaomi has launched an anti-sneak camera. This product’s name is Smoovie. Its working principle is too simple. The device uses the powerful infrared reflection principle to help users find pinhole cameras hidden in the dark. In addition to infrared detection, the new version of Smoovie has also upgraded the function of wireless broadband signal detector.

Because many hidden pinhole cameras now transmit data wirelessly, the two-in-one detection of infrared + wireless broadband signal sniffing can more effectively improve the accuracy of detection. Moreover, some hidden cameras may not have infrared functions. So, the two detection methods can also crack more hidden cameras.

More details

These pinhole cameras hidden in the dark use 4G, 5G, or infrared. Xiaomi’s anti-sneak camera can easily detect them. On the other hand, the Smoovie can also search for hidden cameras on 2G networks through powerful mode. Further, this Smoovie also has a GPS detection function. And you can use it to detect hidden GPS modules installed on vehicles.

The price of this anti-sneak camera Smoovie launched by Xiaomi is 299 yuan. Yes, it is not cheap and it is somewhat suspected of selling anxiety. But if you are a person who often needs to go out to stay in a hotel, then It’s better to have one with you.

Xiaomi anti-sneak camera

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