Xiaomi New Modular Camera Patent Exposure

Xiaomi officially released its self-developed air charging technology yesterday. For this futuristic “black technology”, some users said that the plot of a science fiction movie will become a reality. In addition to charging in the air, the exposure of a new patent from Xiaomi has once again become a hot topic of discussion among users.

Recently, 91mobiles discovered a patent for Xiaomi’s detachable camera in a new patent. It was filed by the World Intellectual Property Organization.


We can see from the patent drawing that it the camera of the smartphone adopts a modular design. And it uses magnetic connection type. At the same time, the rear camera module also comes with multiple lenses.

xiaomi camera patent

Further, we also know that in normal mode, the camera module is on the back of the phone for rear-facing shooting.

Since the patent only shows how the camera module looks like, its related working mechanism is not available. But according to the source, it is likely to include magnets, receivers, and wireless transmission modules.

xiaomi camera patent

In this regard, some users said that this design solves the problem of hole-punch screens and enables the smartphone to achieve a truly comprehensive screen. But there is no information on how to solve the dust and water resistance of the smartphone.

xiaomi camera patent

At present, based on these design drawings alone, it is impossible to judge whether Xiaomi can launch relevant commercial smartphones in the future.

Modular phones

When it comes to modular phones, what we have to say is the Motorola Moto Z series. In 2016, Motorola launched the first flagship smartphone Moto Z with customizable modules. The biggest selling point of this machine is that it has 5 modular designs, namely Hasselblad camera, projector, JBL audio, and back shell.

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