Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ SE Version Announced

Today, Xiaomi released a PTZ version of a smart camera, namely the Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ SE version. It costs 149 yuan ($21). By the way, this is not a high-end product, it’s considered to be Xiaomi’s entry-level PTZ camera.

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ SE version

Compared with the PTZ version (199 yuan ($28)), the Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ SE version only supports horizontal movement, and the vertical movement function has been removed. The camera is equipped with a 2MP camera sensor. The latter supports 1080P video recording, and has a 940nm infrared fill light to ensure a night vision mode support. Through the Mijia app, you will get a two-way voice call and remote viewing on multiple devices.

The camera also supports AI humanoid detection function. It can effectively filter some meaningless scene screen changes after turning on the housekeeping mode to reduce the false alarm rate. In addition, the Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ SE version supports a maximum 32GB memory card as well as supports NAS storage and cloud storage.

Xiaomi had previously launched a total of three PTZ camera models including the PTZ version (1080P), the PTZ version 2K (1296P), and the PTZ version Pro. The PTZ version SE becomes the lowest-priced PTZ camera in this series.

Particularly, the Smart Camera PTZ features a 3-megapixel camera with an f/1.4 aperture. The device supports low light recording and the video is captured with full colors as well. A notable aspect of this version is that it supports 2K recording. In other words, it can capture videos in higher fidelity, which allows for more details being captured. The device features a 6P lens and can offer a 360 degree field of view, since it is capable of rotating.

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