Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art Announced At 349 yuan ($49)

As previously announced, the Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art was officially released today. It uses a metal body for the first time. Apart from this, the appearance is outstanding, and the company improved the sound quality and its smart functions. The retail price is 349 yuan ($49), and the final price is 299 yuan ($42).

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art

The Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art uses a textured metal body with 16 million color aurora light strips. It has a matte fine stone pattern shell and integrated seamless touch buttons.

As for sound quality, the Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art has a built-in 2.5-inch full-range speaker, special paper carcass and voice coil. Also, among its features, we can find a U-shaped duct bass enhancement, with DTS professional tuning and stereo 2.0.

In terms of smart interaction, the Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art supports its own Jasmine emotional sounds and is close to the one-key distribution network. Voice control supports 2000+ smart devices, covering 1600+ using life skills.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art

At present, Xiao Ai speaker series has a variety of products, including Xiaomi Xiao Ai touch screen speaker Pro 8, Redmi Xiao Ai speaker Play, Xiaomi Xiao Ai touch screen speaker, Xiaomi Xiao Ai speaker Pro, Xiaomi Xiao Ai speaker universal remote control version, Xiaomi Xiao Ai speaker Play production version, Xiao Ai speaker HD, Xiao Ai speaker mini, Xiao Ai touch screen speaker super talk version, Xiao Ai Bluetooth speaker portable version, etc.

The launch of Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art this time is based on design and quality. It is suitable for users who are pursuing product design and sound quality.

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