Xiaomi Youpin Portable 3-in-1 Scientific Microscope Launched

Recently, a canned handheld portable 3-in-1 scientific microscope was launched on the Xiaomi Youpin. It integrates desktop, handheld  connected smartphones into one, and is suitable for multi-scene exploration. The basic version is 99 yuan (15.29$), and the deluxe version is 119 yuan (30.75$) (plus 10 slides). Compared with traditional microscopes, scientific canned handheld and portable 3-in-1 microscopes are light and portable. They are designed to fit the shape of children’s hands and do not require an additional power cord. Only a AAA battery need to turn on the built-in LED light.

Portable 3-in-1 Scientific Microscope

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About Portable 3-in-1 Scientific Microscope

Its high-definition optical lens can support up to 120x high-definition visual presentation by adjusting the zoom wheel. The scientific canned food handheld portable 3-in-1 scientific microscope has three observation methods: desktop, handheld, and connected to a smartphone. The most direct way is to use it by hand. It is convenient for children to experience observation anytime and anywhere outside. Using a complex optical structure with multiple mirror combinations and chromatic aberration limited to yellow-green wave regions suitable for photomicrography.

Portable 3-in-1 Scientific Microscope

Simply fix the microscope on a rotatable stand, snap the slide onto the stage, and transform it into a mini version of a desktop microscope. In addition, you can even align the smartphone camera with the microscope eyepiece and tighten it.The lens can be enlarged 20-400 times, the micro world is in front of your eyes.It is small and thin. So, you can stick it  to your phone and use it. Furthermore, you can use it to explore the secrets o the micro world with curiosity.  You can also  directly see the microscopic world on the smartphone screen. The latter also is convenient for saving through screenshots and screen recording.

Portable 3-in-1 Scientific Microscope

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