Xiaomi Zoom Bracket Selfie Stick Is Here Priced At 79 Yuan ($12)

The Xiaomi zoom bracket selfie stick is now available in Xiaomi Mall for crowdfunding. The crowdfunding will be officially launched on March 24. The crowdfunding price is 79 yuan ($12) for free shipping. And the future retail price will be 99 yuan ($15).

This new product has many highlights such as a detachable remote control, zoom shooting, and a folding tripod. The selffie lever of the Xiaomi zoom bracket adopts a push-pull remote control zoom. It also supports 0.1x high-precision remote control zoom. The one-handed operation is stress-free. Moreover, there are more framing options when shooting photos and videos.

Currently, the remote control zoom function only supports the rear lens zoom function of the smartphone. It is also worth mentioning that it needs to be used with Android 10, MIUI 12, and above versions of Xiaomi or Redmi phones and the system’s own camera software. The Mi CC9 Meitu customized version does not support the zoom function.

Double-click the function button of the selfie stick can quickly wake up the lock-screen phone and enter the photo mode. Just double-click the function button to freely switch between photo and video modes during shooting. It greatly improves creative efficiency.

Change the unfolding handle into a tripod in seconds

The unfolding handle of the Mi Zoom Bracket and the selfie stick you can change into a tripod in seconds. The latter can meet various usage scenarios of video chat, drama, and live broadcast.

Xiaomi Zoom Bracket Selfie Stick

In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi bracket selfie stick has a 161g lightweight design, four-section elongated aluminum alloy rods. At the same time, it comes with a foldable body, a 360° rotatable phone holder. And finally, it can shoot both horizontally and vertically and supports smartphones with a maximum width of 89mm.

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