XiaoYi Smart Camera H31 Enhanced Version Announced

Moon stars are sparse at night, and the clarity of ordinary cameras is not high enough. Especially when they are ‘blind’ at night, they cannot provide strong video evidence at critical moments. A few days ago, XiaoYi smart camera H31 was released. As an upgraded version of outdoor camera, it uses starlight low-light full-color technology. So you can see full-color images even in low-light state.

XiaoYi smart camera H31

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Unlike the traditional full-fill light, the XiaoYi smart camera H31’s chip is upgraded with a CMOS black light level image sensor and an F/1.6 large aperture lens. They can greatly increase the amount of light.

The XiaoYi smart camera H31 adopts an IP65 waterproof and dustproof design. So it is not afraid of outdoor rain and snow. This is enough to cope with various severe weather.

XiaoYi smart camera H31

The H31 uses an upgraded DNN neural network algorithm. Under the monitoring range of 12 meters, when the camera detects someone moving, it will provide alarm information and send it to the owner’s smartphone simultaneously. H31’s humanoid detection is more accurate, which can effectively filter the alarm harassment caused by mosquito flying.

It also supports the time hourglass function, which can condense up to 12 hours of monitoring pictures into a minimum of 15 seconds , and automatically determine the wonderful picture, making monitoring no longer tedious.

The XiaoYi smart camera H31 has a built-in high-power speaker. No matter where you are, the two-way voice intercom function allows uninvited guests to dare to act lightly and interact remotely with their families.


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