Canon K8C

Canon K8C 8K Camera Appeared At BIRTV2019 Exhibition

China does not lack large-scale photography and video equipment exhibitions, such as P&E and P&I. There are no manufacturers to release heavy new products at these exhibitions. However, after the declaration took China as the C position. Canon quickly implemented its action and exhibited the 8K professional solution with Canon 8KC camera as the core for the first time on BIRTV2019.

▲K8C and DP-V3002

At NAB2015, Canon first demonstrated the 8K camera engineering prototype. However, no further news since then, until this year’s WWDC2019, someone found a Canon camera that can shoot 8K ProRes RAW. The Canon K8C displayed on BIRTV2019 is similar to the 8K camera on NAB and WWDC. According to Canon’s official introduction, the machine is equipped with a newly developed Super 35 format CMOS sensor. With an effective pixel of 35.39 million (8192×4320), just up to 8K standard. There are not many pixels. It can shoot 8K60P video and output 8K RAW. The body, buttons and menus follow the design of EOS C300 Mark II. The weight of the whole machine is only 1.9KG, which is the lightest professional 8K camera.

In addition to the Canon K8C, also demonstrated the 8K converter K8B. The 8K resolution video monitor DP-V3002, building an 8K solution.

In the past, Canon’s large-format camera continued the naming rules for interchangeable lens cameras. The EOS C+ digital naming product used a new naming scheme in the 8K camera. Does it mean that the K8C is a product in the direction of broadcasting and TV, and the dynamics of the K8C? What is the scope, how much the code rate can be achieved, and support for 4K, 2K upgrade video, I do not know, can only wait for Canon to announce further news.

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