Canon’s New Micro-Single EOS M200 Price Announced

Canon Co., Ltd. launch the EOS M family new member Canon EOS M200 micro-single camera. Now Canon official website has announces the price in China. The fuselage plus 15-45. The price of the head is 3,749 yuan.

The EOS M200 features Canon’s new DIGIC 8 digital image processor and supports full-pixel dual-core CMOS AF and eye-detection autofocus. It supports shooting of popular 4K movies, Vlog creation, and new information for adding vertical movie rotation information. Features to meet the needs of full-screen viewing of vertical movies on smartphones and sharing to short video social platforms. The EOS M200 supports practical, personalize features such as automatic photo transfer to smartphones, silent mode, creative assist, and creative filters. The machine has two classic styles, black and white.

In terms of configuration, the EOS M200 has approximately 24.1 effective megapixels. It has the highest sensitivity of ISO 25600, and can be extended to ISO 51200. Its equip with APS-C large-size image sensor, EF-M lens and bayonet adapter. Use more EF/EF-S lenses.

The adoption of the DIGIC 8 digital image processor greatly improves the performance of the full-pixel dual-core CMOS AF. The focus area extends to approximately 88% × 100% (horizontal × vertical) of the image sensor. While the focus point can be based on the subject position select from up to 143 focus frames. The EOS M200 also supports the popular eye detection autofocus function when taking photos or videos. It can continuously focus on the eyes during the movement of the subject, making it easy for the user to take pictures of the ideal portrait.

The EOS M200 can shoot 4K 25P/24P Ultra HD clips and automatically add vertical rotation information when shooting movies in portrait orientation. In this way, when playing back on a device such as a smart phone. The short film can be adapted to the full screen display of the mobile phone screen, and is also convenient for sharing to the short video social platform that is hot today.

At present, the EOS M200 is only scheduled on the official website, and it is expected that the e-commerce platform will be put on the market soon.

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