Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle Review: All family Gadget

Carrying your kids to the market or any place is very difficult nowadays. Parents now like it quite difficult to carry their kids in their hands or in their lap. To solve this problem the Alfawise has come up with the best outcome for every parent. Alfawise which is always trusted brands from people worldwide. Keeping the trust of the people the company has come up with the special gift for parents i.e. Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle. Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle is the latest product from the company which can also be said as the gift from the company to the parents on Black-Friday.

Alfawise folding Bicycle

Features of the Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle:

Folding Bicycle

Everyone likes it when you can take your best loving thing in your house. You love the thing when you don’t have to park that in a large space. This is what the new Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle provides you. You get the folding feature with the new bicycle. To fold the bicycle it will not take your much time. Just a 5 minute of time will fold everything of the baby stroller and your bicycle and you get a small gadget in your hands to place it in a safe place in your house.

Alfawise folding Bicycle

Parents always provide all the necessary things which will help their children one way or the other.  Some of these things include Small toys, clothes, baby beds, and strollers — everything should be perfect and qualitative. It wouldn’t be nice if you are moving with your baby on the stroller while taking a walk and your baby stroller gets to malfunction.

Alfawise folding Bicycle


When it comes to your kids, you always look at the product’s safety and then you go ahead to buy the product. To ensure this Alfawise provides you with the 4 protective structures to ensure the safety of the kid and yourself. You get an additional front seat barrier and a 5 point seat belt. The seat belt is the essential thing that you all need; it will protect your child from any hump or brakes. You and your child will feel protective while putting the seat belt. The bicycle also comes with the additional quick release handrail to prevent any possible collision.

Alfawise folding Bicycle

Ideal Transportation

It is always easy when you get a small vehicle where your all family can drive to one place to another in the market. As we know it is quite difficult to walk around in the markets that are very big in the big cities. So Alfawise has made it very easy for these small families to take the benefit of the bicycle. The new Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle provides you the ability to take 3 members of your family on it including a small kid who can get in front on the baby stroller. It would be very safe if one elder person carries the 2 kids. But also you and your wife/husband can carry your kid on the bicycle.

Alfawise folding Bicycle

The seats of the Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle are very comfortable that your kid will enjoy the ride. The new bicycle will help your kid to take a view of nature very closely. It is always good when you get to go to an evening walk. You do not have to travel a long distance with your baby to any park. This bicycle will make it very easy for you so that you can carry your kid to any nearby park on the bicycle rather than walking.

Easy to use

The new Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle is very easy to handle and very easy to use. The most important thing is that you do not need any particular or any additional tool to fold the bicycle. If your baby is sleeping the best part you get is that without disturbing your baby you can unfold and fold your bicycle. You also get the comfortable seats of the bicycle; the most important is your baby’s comfort. The seat of the baby is very comfortable and you get the seat belt along with it which provides the additional security for your baby.

Alfawise folding Bicycle
Alfawise folding Bicycle


The new Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle is not very large in size. The weight of the product is around 19.8000kg which is not so heavy that you cannot carry it to any place. This lightweight bicycle will make it quite easy for you to take it to any place.

Alfawise folding Bicycle

Our Verdict

Overall the Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle is the best product that you will get from the Alfawise Company. The company provides you with the best product and many more updated features in the market. As we know that people love to go to the malls and resorts and many theme parks, so to make it easy the company has provided the new Alfawise Parent-child Folding Bicycle.

Where to Buy

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