FIIDO L2 Electric Bicycle Review, Price and specifications

FIIDO is a leading brand of the market. FIIDO gives you best ride with the electronic bikes. The company designs the products with latest technology and with stylish pattern. Now company designed new FIIDO L2 electric bicycle with 3 modes so you can choose according to your need. Also you can stay healthy with this pedal mode. This bicycle is best for exercise than other electric bikes. FIIDO L2 electric bicycle is best for those people who are looking for the balance between the price and specifications.   

Feature and Specification of FIIDO L2 Electric Bicycle:

During work electric bicycle working temperature is -10 – 50 degree C. Electronic bicycle has highlight rear taillight which is protect to your bicycle and you from accident at night. This electric bicycle depends on the rear-wheel which gives all force to the bicycle through chain set. The wheel steel chain set has 52 tooth which gives tight and smooth grip to the bicycle during ride. The 52 tooth large chain set has greater transmission force which gives fast acceleration and goof for labor-saving. Bicycle has suspension front fork. You can adjust the seat and handle of the L2 electric bicycle according to your need. This bicycle is best for adult and teenagers group.

L2 bicycle has 3-modes: first is pure human mode second is 3-level moped mode and the third is pure electric mode. On the handle there is two buttons. The right button generates for power and left button is for front light switch and riding, electric multi-function dial.


The electric bicycle design is capable for folding so you can adjust this L2 bicycle in your house corner easily. This is very light in weight and easy to carry in your car trunk. On this bicycle you can load maximum about 120 kg. The main material of the L2 electric bicycle is made from Aluminum alloy and also frame is made with aluminum alloy. This design equipped pedals with motor so you can use pedal when you want excise and when you tired with the pedals you can switch motor mode. Pedal mode keeps fit your body. This damping design bicycle improves your ride. Also you carry this design of bicycle in buses and trains.

In addition there is speaker designed in the body of L2 electric bicycle which gives more entertainment. With speaker you can listen song during ride and on the handle there is mobile holding grip which keeps strong grip to your smart phone. On this electric bicycle you can go for trip, shopping, exercise etc. L2 electric bicycle has power adjustment system on the handle so you can change the power mode according to your need.     

LED light-

LED light gives attractive look to the bicycle. Also this is best for ride at night. LED shows the clear path at night and also shows the dig on the road during ride. Sometimes LED light keeps save from the accident. At night ride you don’t need to carry any other light because bicycle LED light is sufficient to light. There is a LED light ahead just under the steering wheel.

FIIDO L2 Display-

This has LCD system which shows the remaining the battery. Display provides you comprehensive information and convenient operation. Also Display shows the mode and speed of the FIIDO L2 bicycle. Display equipped with automatic brightness which shows the reading clearly to the users every time. When you begin to pedal the screen automatically switches to a real time counter of your speed and mileage. The ions and numbers are quite large and they are highlighted in white.  

FIIDO L2 Battery-

FIIDO L2 electric bicycle contains 20Ah battery capacity. Battery gives 85 – 125km mileag

e in pure electric mode. Battery rated power of the electric cycle is 960Wh. The battery takes 6 hours to fully charge. This is detachable battery so you can remove this battery from bicycle. FIIDO claims to have 8 major safety protection technologies in battery. These protections is overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, temperature protection, power failure protection, discharge short circuit protection and so on. The battery is located under the seat of bicycle.


This electric bicycle integrated with 350W powerful motor which gives the maximum 25km/h speed and gives maximum 30 degree gradient. Safety is more important than speed. If the speed exceeds 15 km/h then alarm will be issued. Motor do not produce over current and don’t produce more heat during use. Motor is the only thing gives smooth riding without pedal. The motor gives best speed on various kind of road.

Tire & Brakes-                                  

FIIDO electric bicycle tires built with 14 inch inflatable rubber which is best for different grounds. The inflatable tires support the ground and provides suitable ride. This 14 inch tires has anti-slip texture which gives protection on slippery road. Tires built with alloys which gives attractive and beautiful look to the device.

FIIDO L2 bicycle equipped with disc brakes. The disc brakes are on both front and rear tire which provides safe riding and safe braking experience. Disk brakes is very helpful some time suddenly any animal come front of you on road then you can push disc brakes for your and animal safety. 

FIIDO L2 Package content-

Company provides 1 x Electric bicycle, 1 x Pair of pedal, 1 x Charger, 1 x English manual, 1 x Set of accessories. FIIDO gives you more accessory than other companies.

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