“Free Lunch” Is Gone: Tesla Starts Charging $ 10 / Month for Data


All Tesla cars currently have a built-in WLAN modem, and each Tesla owner can use this data network for free. However, this situation is about to change: because Tesla has released an official email to inform owners: Consumers who purchase a car after July 1, 2018 will need to pay $ 10 per month to continue to get Tesla’s premium connection service. It is unclear whether domestic car owners will also need to pay for related services in the near future.

The email content is as follows:

“You have received a 30-day free connectivity free trial, which ends on January 7, 2020. During the free trial, users can consider paying for the data plan Premium Connectivity for $ 10 / month. After renewal, users can Continue to enjoy the in-car network connection function. “

It is worth noting that this package is not necessary, users can still use the navigation function for free. However, including online music, videos, visualized traffic conditions, browsers, karaoke, etc. are all within the charge range. Users can also choose to share mobile hotspots to continue using these features.


Standard Connectivity provides basic mapping and navigation, music and media functions via Bluetooth®, which require software updates via Wi-Fi. Note: Important security updates will continue to be available through the car’s cellular connection.

Premium Connectivity adds real-time traffic visualization, on-board streaming music and media, and Internet browsers (for Model S and Model X), all of which require OTA software updates via Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Currently, Tesla new car buyers have been converted to a 30-day trial version of Tesla Premium Connectivity, and owners can decide during this time whether it is worth ordering another.

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