Gm President: Until These Three Issues Are Resolved, Electric Cars Will Not Become Mainstream

Electric Cars

GM President Mark Reuss says that before addressing the three issues of range, ease of use (charging infrastructure) and cost, Electric cars will not become mainstream.

Marco believes that the range is the biggest obstacle to the acceptance of electric vehicles. In August this year, General Motors announce the range of its 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV will increase by 21 miles to 259 miles.

He said the lack of a charging station was the number one reason for those who considered buying an electric car but did not. Therefore, manufacturers, charging companies, industry groups, and governments at all levels must work together. To provide public charging services in as many locations as possible for widespread acceptance of electric vehicles.

In May this year, General Motors confirm that it will partner with Bechtel, the largest construction company in the United States. To build thousands of electric vehicle fast charging stations across the country as part of its large electric vehicle charging network. The two companies plan to deploy charging stations that are open to all electric vehicles. Whether on the highway or in the city center.

In addition, Marco said that another benefit of owning an electric car is lower operating costs. However, the purchase price is usually much higher. Most electric vehicle owners say their average operating cost is about one-third that of gasoline-powered vehicle owners. As battery technology improves efficiency and reduces costs, the purchase price of electric vehicles will also decline accordingly.

According to foreign media, for most Americans, electric cars are already a good choice. The only key obstacle to the popularity of electric cars is the lack of consumer education. More precisely, the key obstacle is consumer miseducation.

GM ’s goal is to launch 20 new all-electric vehicles by 2023. Including two electric models based on Chevrolet Bolt pure electric vehicles.

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