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Kugoo S1 Pro Folding Electric Scooter Review, price and features

Kugoo is a brand which has become very famous in the industry of electronic products. They offer many different products in different segments. The company always try to change the lifestyle of peoples by their creativity. They always dedicate to create products for today`s and for tomorrow’s lifestyle. The Kugoo always commit to bring a lifestyle on which people rely more on relish lifestyle and creativity. Now Kugoo launch Kugoo S1 pro electric scooter. Kugoo is growing exceptionally fast as compared with other competitive brand because of their high quality products and they had been always dedicated to their designs and always deliver satisfying products.

kugoo S1 pro

Their prices are also very reasonable and very low as compared to another electronic brand, so this is also reason of their exceptionally well growth. They always offer compelling products with high value for money.

Feature and specification of Kugoo S1 pro:

The launch of Kugoo S1 it reserves its own place in the market. An electric base folding scooter discloses full sense of technology which ultimately put impact on user daily life. So in the previous recent years, electronic scooters have become very popular and become people’s daily transportation product. So as compared to another electronic scooter of another brand it is one of the best scooters as it is equipped with all latest functions and features.

It is also one of the latest electronic scooters of this generation as it is equipped with all latest hardware in it to give long hassle free performance at very low power consumption. Moreover, this electronic scooter has elegant look and easily attracts peoples. So this is a perfect device which fulfills all demands of users and user will get what they are expecting. So overall this Kugoo S1 electronic scooter is a spectacular collection of the latest technology and feature.


The Kugoo S1 pro scooter is 8 inch solid honeycomb. The scooter has explosion proof tires. The weight of the scooter is just 11 kg and it is definitely not something you can walk with freely. The youngsters easily lift it up and carry it up stairs or this S1 pro scooter easy to carry for tour. The Fugoo S1 pro scooter has three speed running modes.

kugoo S1 pro


You can adjust S1 pro scooter according to your height and also adjust handle of the scooter. The speed mode of the S1 scooter is 15km/h, 25km/h and 30km/h. The maximum mileage of the S1 pro is 30 km (Depends on factors such as load, temperature, wind speed, and actual operation). The maximum speed of the S1pro scooter is 30 km/h and you can load on the scooter maximum 120 kg. The gradient of the scooter is depends on your weight normal gradient of the S1 pro scooter is 15 degree.


In the Kugoo S1 pro scooter has motor which produce the energy of the scooter. There is Brushless DC motor fixed in the scooter. The motor rated power is 350W and maximum motor rotate speed is 700R/min. The motor built with 36 V. Motor also help wheels to rotate to push scooter forward. T

kugoo S1 pro

he motor of the S1 pro scooter is mounted on the frame. The electricity is produced in the battery is transmitted back to the motor through a network of wires. The maximum torque is 13.3N.M. The S1 pro electric scooter is waterproof IP54. The wheel size is 8-inch solid explosion proof tires. On road you need to stop there is designed break system. The braking distance is 4m. Kugoo S1 pro electric scooter provides you more feature than other electric scooters at very affordable price. For complete your daily needs this S1 electric scooter is perfect.  

Kugoo S1 Pro Design-

So now talking about the overall design of Kugoo S1 electronic scooter, it has very elegant design. This electronic scooter is a tremendous product from Kugoo. Its black color makes its perspective more shining and awesome along with its modern shape and size. It is foldable so user can easily fold it and easily handle, it provide user a modular design which let user to build your scooter from the ground up. So user can easily disassemble, install and maintain parts of scooter themselves very easily. It also looks very tremendous from all angles. So its overall design will surely convince you to make it a part of your daily life.

Overall this Kugoo S1 is composed of four parts: main board, motor, display screen and battery compartments. So of its structure user can easily play with their imagination to do DIY and customize this electronic scooter in their own way by installing GPS, speakers, and stopwatch in it. Its metallic body gives it powerful durability. It also equips shock mitigation system in it to give user less shock while travelling. Its glossy and superior finishing gives an attractive look. It looks like crown so it easily attracts your friends and guests. It also set a standard of your image in front of your friends and relatives.

Kugoo S1 Pro Battery-

So now coming to battery of Kugoo S1 electronic scooter it houses 18650 Li-on Battery. It will easily give a long working session to user for its travelling and it has very good mileage of 30km (Depends on road and driver weight) which is more than any other electronic scooter of another brands. So it is not an easy task to use electronic scooter for long time for transportation, ultimately it need a powerful battery backup for transportation. It has 6AH capacity battery and its voltage is 36V. If you want large battery capacity electric scooter then Kugoo S1 pro is best for riding and it has large battery back-up.

Further this Kugoo S1 electronic scooter takes very short time for charging. So its charger will free user from the electronic plug very quickly and user can easily resume his transportation customarily. It takes only 4 hours for its charging. It has also very better battery capacity as compared to another electronic scooter of another brand, so charging problem is completely solved in this electronic scooter. So its 18650 MA is quite enough to done job for user. So the battery of Kugoo S1 electronic scooter has outstanding backup for transportation and user can easily cover more distance in less time.

Screen and Lights- 

The Screen is like a control panel in S1 electric scooter. Screen shows the speed of scooter, gear moments, headlight, battery power and light system. These all functions operate the S1 scooter. Display is the best thing is located on the center of handle. During ride when you forgot to charge your S1 electric scooter then screen shows you remaining battery power. The screen shows you every measurement with the help of battery power.    

kugoo S1 pro

It also has front LED light to run scooter at night and it also equips safety warning tail light and bright red light to ensure user at night riding safety. At night when you on riding the front and rear light are shines. And on the handle side there is colorful light for decorating the scooter handle or aware to the other vehicle. Lights are generates with the help of battery power. Also S1 has break safety light on the back as well as a color full dashboard.  

Kugoo S1 Pro Additional features-

For driving there is 4 buttons is located on the housing of a small display on the steering wheel. Both the front and rear wheels are made with non-pneumatic and non-slip material that allow for multi-terrain riding. The wheels protect you from raining surface. There is a reflector behind the front tire and yes, speaking of tires- it has a more durable one with dipper treads.

Dust resistance

The shape is more stable for balance to your electric scooter. The scooter has IP54 dust resistance. On the handle some button are attached inner side of the screen. The buttons are included Horn button, Setting button, Power button, Headlight button and gearshift button. With these buttons you can changes to the S1 electric scooter. Below the handle right side a thumb accelerator. Thumb accelerator is help to change the gear. On the handle left side thumb brake which needs to push when you want to stop the S1 electric scooter.

The scooter has simple and solid construction. This S1 provides you Power courd guard. S1 pro has two levers: Extension leve and Collapse lever. For folding it has a folding hook. The Kugoo S1 pro package provides you 1 x S1 Pro Folding Electric Scooter, 1 x Charger, 1 x Adapter and 1 x User manual.


The package dimension is 1030 x 210 x 405mm. These products are helpful for S1 pro scooter. For guide there is user manual and for charging of the device provides you charger. The package weight is 15 kg. The product dimension is 1050 x 450 x 930/1070/1160mm (unfold) and folding size is 960 x 210 x 330mm. Kugoo S1 electric scooter has RoHS and CE certification.  


You can buy this S1 pro electric scooter from online website. The price of the electric scooter is $359.99.

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