No. 9 balance scooter Max sports version

No. 9 Balance Scooter Max Sports Version Announced At 4499 yuan ($660)

On September 1, Xiaomi’s ecological chain enterprise No. 9 launched the No. 9 balance scooter Max sports version. Currently, an appointment has been opened and the price is 4499 yuan ($660).

This balance scooter is significantly larger than the previous No. 9 balance scooter. It comes with a hand support and has a net weight of 22.8kg. It has six unique advantages.

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You only need to purchase the No. 9 balance bike MAX sports kart upgrade package (expected to be available in mid-to-late September) and the No. 9 kart modification kit to upgrade the kart mode.

It comes with Ninebot’s Leansteer control technology. The sensitivity of the steering stick is as high as 0.01 seconds. And it can be controlled very smoothly. You can do anything wherever you want.

The balance bar adopts a retractable design. It can adapt to users of different heights from 1.3m to 1.8m.

It has the self-balancing control system of the No. 9 mini balance car, which automatically maintains the body balance. When it detects that a person is standing, it allows you to get on the car as easy as going up a step, and you can easily control it with a little adaptation.

It has the same thoughtful 15-fold safety technology as the No. 9 mini balance car, from starting on the car, forward steering, to shutting down and charging.

The No. 9 balance scooter Max sports version has the strongest performance of the No. 9 family so far. It can provide up to 20km/h and a range of 38km in the balance car state. In the kart state, it provides a high speed of 37km/h and a range of 25km.

No. 9 balance scooter Max sports version

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