Tesla Autopilot Rear-Ends Again, This Time Hit a Traffic Police

Another Tesla car crash into an emergency vehicle park on the roadside with the Autopilot function turned on. Which triggered a new warning about the flaws in automation technology on public roads. Unlike previous accidents with rear-end fire trucks. Tesla crash into a police car in this accident.

Tesla Autopilot

Last weekend, a Tesla Model 3 seized a double-flashing police car. It was park on the side of the road on a major highway near Norwalk, Connecticut. The collision occur at about 40:40 am local time. The highway patrol car was parked on the left-middle lane of Interstate 95 to help an SUV that broke down.

Tesla Autopilot

After the accident, the Connecticut Police posts on Facebook. “When driving a vehicle, you must always pay full attention to ensure driving safety. Although many vehicles have some self-driving capabilities, no vehicle is currently fully automated or autonomous”.

In 2018, two Tesla rear-end fire truck accidents occur in the United States. This trigger an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Administration. Although these accidents did not cause any casualties. They raise questions about the use and limitations of advanced driver assistance technologies. At present, these technologies are still difficult to detect stationary objects.

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla’s manual warns that the Autopilot system does not handle this situation very well. Traffic detection cruise control technology cannot detect all objects and may not brake / decelerate when encountering a stationary vehicle. Especially when the speed exceeds an hour At 80 kilometers. When the vehicle in front of you changes lanes and the vehicle in front becomes a stationary vehicle or object.

In the accident last weekend, the rear of the police car and the front end of the Model 3 were “seriously” damage. Fortunately, the police on the police car were outside the car when the crash occur.

The driver of this Tesla told police that his car had Autopilot turned on. However, instead of facing forward, he was looking at the dog in the back seat.

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