Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y May Be Delivered in the First Quarter of Next Year, Half a Year Earlier Than Originally Planned

Tesla Model Y

The latest research report released by Deutsche Bank based on supply chain orders states that Tesla Model Y will begin delivery in the first quarter of next year. If this estimate becomes reality, the first consumers will use the car within 4 months.

Tesla said during the third quarter earnings call that the Model Y production plan is ahead of schedule. And the production schedule is ahead of the summer of 2020. Tesla initially stated that delivery would begin in the fall of 2020.

Deutsche Bank estimates indicate that the Model Y delivery time is half a year ahead of Tesla’s original plan.

During the third quarter earnings call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he expected the Model Y to be in series production in mid-2020. This could mean that a small number of cars may be produce before then-rather than being fully “batch”.

Model Y may deliver in the first quarter, but only for a small number of employees and insiders. This was the case with the Model 3, which was delivered ahead of schedule in July 2017. The “formal” consumers would not be able to buy the car until December of that year.

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