Xiaomi Launched 70mai Smart Rearview Mirror Lite 1S

Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise brought a 70mai smart rearview mirror lite 1S. It features full intelligent voice control and costs 799 yuan ($113) only.

Call ‘Hello Little Mai’ to wake up the rearview mirror through voice. Then, you can play music, listen to radio stations, plan navigation routes, check the weather, etc. And all these are done hands-free, letting your attention to driving. The main driving mode only recognizes the voice command issued by the driver, which can effectively avoid voice interference in other directions.

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The 70mai smart rearview mirror lite 1S comes with a 6.86-inch large screen. The latter has a 1280×480 HD resolution and supports 16.7 million colors comparable to the smartphone screen. There is an optical coated silver mirror, balanced reflectivity, and transmittance.

The lens can record 1080P video. The large aperture of F/2.2 increases the amount of incoming light and ensures enough light obtained at night. So this rearview mirror brightens the picture and captures details. The 140-degree angle of view can effectively cover the three lanes directly in front.

70mai smart rearview mirror lite 1S

After the car is turned off, the 70mai smart rearview mirror lite 1S automatically enters the parking monitoring mode, and the acceleration sensor will continuously monitor the vehicle state. When an abnormality occurs, the automatic recording monitoring video isolation storage uploads the cloud and sends an APP push notification to the owner.

70mai smart rearview mirror lite 1 functions

After installing the reverse camera, it can realize the front and rear double recording function, which brings safer protection to the driving. When reversing, the rearview mirror screen automatically switches to the reverse camera. And the road condition behind the vehicle is clearly and comprehensively observed.

It comes with an integrated high-tech map. As said, voice navigation is fast and accurate. It supports a variety of destination query methods, freely switch display mode, and change route strategy.

After adding the rearview mirror to the Mijia app and obtaining authorization, the bedroom lights, sweeping robot, air purifier, socket, and other smart home appliances can be remotely controlled by voice.


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