Xiaomi Registers “Miche” Trademark Presumably For Xiaomi Car

After Xiaomi announced that it will build car, Lei Jun said in an interview with CCTV that he has not yet figured out the specific name of the Xiaomi car, and needs to take some time to evaluate it seriously, because the cycle of building a car is relatively long.

However, today, we learned that Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of multiple “米车” (translates as “Miche”) trademarks on April 1. The international classification includes 12 types of transportation vehicles, and the trademark status is in the process of registration.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. also submitted a trademark registration application for “Xiaomi Motors” on the same day.

According to an enterprise search, the company had applied for registration of 41 types of education and entertainment, 9 types of scientific equipment and other categories in 2018, and has successfully registered.

On April 6, Lei Jun revealed in a live broadcast that about two-thirds of the support for the Xiaomi car brand continues to use the Xiaomi brand.

According to Lei Jun’s vision, high-end fresh air conditioners can be installed in Xiaomi cars in the future, and even humidification and haze removal functions can be added.

Regarding product positioning, Lei Jun said that according to user research, around 45% of people hope that Xiaomi’s first car will be a sedan, more than 40% hope it will be an SUV, and a few people choose sports cars and RVs.

As for whether to make a car or an SUV, Lei Jun said that he will decide after internal discussions, but it will definitely not be a sports car or a RV.

The price range is expected to be between 100,000 and 300,000 yuan ($15000-$45000). Lei Jun also stated that the newly designed Xiaomi round logo is more suitable for the car brand than the square, but it is still uncertain because the logo design is determined before the car plan is announced.

Xiaomi car trademark Xiaomi car trademark

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