No. 9 kart PRO

Xiaomi’s Ninebot Launches No. 9 Kart PRO At 9998 yuan ($1403)

On June 1, Children’s Day, Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise Ninebot announced that the No. 9 Kart PRO. The new product comes at 9998 yuan ($1403). The company says this is a screaming car.

It is reported that the No. 9 Kart PRO has been built for two years. It has been tested for a total of 33,000 kilometers. Also, it is developed in cooperation with professional racers. This kart car uses the same engine rear and rear wheel drive layout as the super sports car. The front and rear weight ratio of the body is 40:60, which accelerates faster. The rear of the car is more flexible.

The Ninebot Kart PRO has a maximum speed of 37km / h (track mode), and also supports three modes: 8km/h (safe mode), 18km/h (newbie mode), and 18km/h (sports mode). Beyond the 150cc gasoline kart track performance, 4800W peak power air-cooled click, you can experience the thrill of power drift and in-situ circle drawing.

After connecting to the No.9 travel app, select “Dynamic cornering”. By adjusting the power of the inner and outer wheels, the vehicle will be “flipped” or “push head” when cornering. Thus, it will change the cornering characteristics to adapt to different driving styles and different tracks.

In terms of battery life, the No.9 Kart PRO has a built-in 432Wh four-window air-cooled battery pack. When fully charged, it can open 62 laps continuously at the 400-meter track.

In addition, the No. 9 Kart PRO is also equipped with 4x8W power speakers and supports Bluetooth speaker functions. At the same time, the kart also supports disassembly and transforms into the No. 9 balancing car MAX.

The body length of the No. 9 Kart PRO supports 4 adjustable gears, from the children of 1.3 meters to the adults of 1.9 meters.


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