Rouyu Smart Speaker

CES 2020: Rouyu Launches Smart Speaker With Surround Touch Screen

Today at the CES 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show, Rouyu first introduces its latest smart speaker with a display. It comes in a cylindrical design and has a surround-type touch screen.

Rouyu’s Mirage smart speaker has an 8-inch AMOLED “fully flexible” touch screen, which can cover most of the main body of the device. The screen supports touch and can perform song changing, pause and other operations.

Rouyu Smart Speaker

Rouyu claims that Rouyu Smart Speaker is equipped with three “full-range drivers” and a “passive bass radiator”, supports Amazon Alexa, has two far-field microphones, and also has a 5MP camera. The camera has a physical switch that can be locked when not in use. However, it’s unclear what the camera might be used for.

Rouyu Smart Speaker

Rouyu also released RoWrite 2, which is a”smart notebook” that can be paired with mobile applications to save and share notes. RoWrite 2 looks more stylish and comes in light brown. Rouyu said that RoWrite 2 is 40% lighter than its predecessor and has longer battery life.

Rouyu said that Mirage will be available in the second quarter for $ 899. RoWrite 2 will be available worldwide in March for $ 129.

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