Chuwi HiPen H6 styplus is released and compatible with Microsoft Surface Series

During the Indiegogo campaign for the powerful and portable Chuwi UBook Pro that comes with Core m3- 8100Y CPU and 8GB/128GB configuration, the Chinese manufacturer introduced the HiPen H6 Stylus with 4096 pressure points, an upgrade over the 2048 points of the previous model. What’s more interesting is the fact that, besides UBook Pro, the HiPen is compatible with Microsoft’s Surface tablets and laptops too!

Chuwi HiPen H6

Using HiPen H6 in conjunction with a professional drawing software allows the user to draw lines using the 4096 pressure levels and achieve different thicknesses. The more pressure sensitivity a stylus has, the more you will be able to vary the size of your strokes with pressure.

Features of Chuwi HiPen H6

Also, taking notes or editing a document is more comfortable thanks to the palm rejection of the tablet software as well as the HiPen’s ability to perceive your palm intelligently. Multi-touch displays can recognize the writing of the stylus just right.

Chuwi HiPen H6

The combination of a high-density Li-ion battery and intelligent power management of the HiPen H6 provides up to 90 days of continuous writing and up to 180 days of standby. And if the battery goes to 0%, it can be quickly recharged via a microUSB port. Instead of replacing AAAA batteries as frequently as a regular stylus, it can be more economical without purchasing a battery.

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