Cook: Apple Won’t Get User Data, Don’t Make Money with User Data


Apple CEO Cook accepted an ABC interview, said Apple will not obtain user data, do not make user data to make money.

According to reports, Apple CEO Cook accepted an ABC interview saying that everyone is questioning big companies and examining them. I think privacy is the most important thing. So Apple’s approach is not to take into account the details of the user’s life, Apple will not get the user’s data. In addition, Cook also express the hope that the user’s information will be stored on the user’s device. Between the user and the user’s mobile phone, not between the user and Apple.

Unlike the approach taken by some companies, Apple does not use user data to make money; Apple’s perception is different from other companies, considering privacy as a basic human right.

Cook added that he is very worried from a personal point of view, there is no privacy in this world. If you know that your privacy has been monitored by the company for a long time, you will start to show less performance, such as starting to control your behavior, reducing browsing, and reducing exploration. That’s not the world I want to live in, nor the world I want my children to live in.

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