DJI Introduced DJI FPV Digital Goggles Transmission System

DJI has now introduced DJI FPV Digital goggles which are used for racing drones.

DJI is an established name in the FPV goggles and drone industry. It always wins the news headlines for its immense range of quality products in the portfolio. Now, DJI has come with its latest DJI FPV Digital Goggles with a digital transmission system.

The company claimed it to be an advanced digital ecosystem. The pack is comprising FPV Air Unit Transmission Module, FPV Goggles, FPV Remote Controller, and an FPV Camera.

Features and technology DJI FPV Digital Goggles:

Furthermore, the DJI said that the technology used here is the next evolutionary step in a drone. Pilots are likely to enjoy smooth, clear HD videos, long-range transmission, ultra-low end-to-end latency, and robust anti-interference technology.

The drone industry is witnessing incredible technological advancements. FPV users need next-level technology to meet their specific demands. Accordingly, the new DJI FPV Digital Goggles is designed with massive experience and by creating the ground and aerial transmission systems.

DJI FPV Digital Goggles

The company officials further added that we hope to set a new standard in the FPV Digital Goggles industry. We tend to make digital video transmission possible at analog and advanced levels.

As per the equipment qualities, the DJI FPV Air Unit Module runs HD low latency transmission technology to join up a two-way data communication system to deliver integrated control over the entire system.

Additionally, it ensures a maximum transmission range of 2.5 miles. During the flight, the anti-interference technology provides a reliable feed to the goggles.

Users can record the 1080p videos at 60fps and 120 fps on the FPV camera. Similarly, the DJI FPV Digital Goggles can record at 60 fps to be accessible for quick review.

Both the FPV Air unite and DJI FPV HDL transmission system comes with eight 5.8 GHz frequency channels to allow it to fly at the same time under a single system. Pilots can also view the other racer’s camera, connected through the ‘Audience Mode’.

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