DJI Released DJI FPV Digital Map Transmission System

Dajiang formally released the DJI FPV digital picture transmission system. The machine is made up of FPV (first-person perspective) flying eyeglasses, remote controller, picture transmission camera and module. Changfei suits and graphic transmission suits are available today, priced at $942 and $826 respectively.

The end-to-end transmission delay of this DJI FPV digital picture transmission process is significantly less than 28ms. Underneath the FCC and SRRC criteria, the transmission distance of 4km has been encouraged. Underneath the CE normal, the transmission distance can attain 0.7km. And encourage 720p/120fps high-definition large speed map transmission.

Additionally, the FPV camera provides three ways of racing, regular and LED (for dim light shooting), up to 8 5.8 GHz communication rings. Eight machines to fly, so exclusive stations don’t interfere with one another, to fulfill expert contest requirements.

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