Eachine EX3 Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter Review

When it comes to aerial photography, anyone can suggest the idea to use drone quadcopter. There are many drones fluctuating in the market, trying to overcome their counterparts with their qualities and hidden possibilities.

Eachine is introducing its next production in the drone market with its fully-featured GPS drone quadcopter to nap the audience attention. The Eachine EX3 foldable drone carries exceptional features intending to serve the users for the best time.

Eachine EX3 drone comesin a portable design which is very easy to carry and operate. Further, the RC drone is compatible with an Android app and a remote system to direct it towards the right path.

Eachine EX3

The in-hand article will present a detailed review of the Eachine EX3 foldable drone so as to help the readers in their decision-making process about the drone. Therefore, the drone has a full HD 2K camera which can support 2K shooting 30 FPS technology along with 8 MP CMOS sensor.

Eachine EX3 Foldable Drone: Features and Specifications

As usual, the EX3 foldable drone provides the users with multiple operational modes which will make your photography a special one. It is embraced with Follow Me mode, Waypoint, Point of Interest Mode and many others for better results.

Moving further, the Eachine EX3 foldable drone is equipped with a 2204 1400KV brushless motor. It makes it the improved product of its category. The powerful engine will ensure considerable takeoff, smooth flight and secure landing. Hence, the flight experience will be more stable and responsive with regard to the innovative drone device.

Now is the time to go through the deep review study of the Eachine EX3 GPS RC drone.


Usually, the quadcopters come in a portable design with a common Black colour. The same we can say about the Eachine EX3 foldable 5G WIFI drone. You will get a portable size and design with an overall weight of 640g including the battery. The attractive part is its propulsions which gives an astonishing outlook from different angles.

The Black colour makes an impressive sense with regard to its physical structure and creates a dominant personality. Moreover, the front side carries a 2K HD camera to capture the images and videos with an angle of maximum 1100.

Eachine Ex3

The portability of the drone confines the areas to store it. Keeping it compact, the Eachine has built it with the dimensions of 450x450x75mm when it is unfolded, and with the folded structure it reduces to 190x130x75mm. Thus, you are easy to carry it in your backpack and enjoy your aerial photography beyond the boundaries.

Eachine EX3 Camera

Considering the camera, the Eachine EX3 foldable drone installs a 2K HD camera with 5G WIFI FPV frequency. The pilot is expected to add more value to their photography by using a wide viewing angle of 110-degree.

The camera is located on the front side of the drone to capture real-time pictures and videos which it is made for. Furthermore, it can create a 2048×1152 photo and video resolution to generate high-quality stuff.

Along with, during the video creation, it works to make video frames at the rate of 20 and uses aperture f/2.4. Similarly, there is a 1/3” CMOS sensor with 2M effective pixels.

Eachine Ex3

The Eachine EX3 foldable drone also contains a single-axis mechanical gimbal. It will help the drone to take clear and stable pictures by reducing shake.

Additionally, you can hold the drone into three basic operational modes: Assisted, Horizon, and Accro (without any assistance). Further, it is equipped with a mini FPV camera that is compatible with all FPV glasses to take on the market with its real-time virtual immersion FPV flights.

Overall, the camera is an essential part of the Eachine EX3 drone and it will serve you with an outstanding performance to make your photo session ever more spectacular.

Eachine EX3 Motor

Motor takes the responsibility to let the drone to make its way. Correspondingly, the Eachine EX3 foldable drone is equipped with a 2204 144KV brushless motor. The powerful motor will provide the wings to your flight to enable it for further projects.

The 1400KV brushless motor can touch the speed maximum of 40km/h along with flight altitude limit of 150m. Furthermore, the EX3 drone is the best of its category for indoor and outdoor flights.

It can provide -/+ 0.3 m indoor hovering accuracy for vertical and horizontal positions respectively. Similarly, it has -/+ 0.5 m hovering accuracy for outdoor activities. The maximum ascending speed is 3m/s and the maximum descending speed is 2m/s.

Follow Me Mode

The follow me mode describes the way you can adapt using the Eachine EX3 foldable drone. Under this mode, the drone will be locked on your smartphone. Using WIFI connectivity, it tends to follow your directions to capture your moments.

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Eachine Ex3

Therefore, this mode is really useful if you want to record your outdoor or indoor activities. The drone will follow your position and click pictures or video from a reliable angle. You don’t need to use its remote controller to give it directions.

Eachine EX3 Waypoint Mode

Similarly, the Eachine EX3 foldable drone also provides an excellent facility to record your points or stops on the way. Using the mobile app, you can tap on some of the points on the map and record them. It will be the guidelines for the drone to follow them.

Correspondingly, the smart EX3 drone will move point to point to reach the final destination. Further, waypoint mode is also useful while playing with the drone in the outdoor areas. Select your favourite points (called as a waypoint) and click the drone to follow them.

Point of Interest Mode

Likewise, you will enjoy the Point of Interest mode in the Eachine EX3 drone.

Under this mode, the pilot can select and mark on a particular building, object, or any other thing as a point of interest. Now this will be the instruction for your drone. It will start revolving around your point of interest clockwise and keeps on capturing the videos and images.

Eachine Ex3

It is very beneficial if you want to record yourself during exercise or dancing etc. The drone will capture your activities circulating you.


The battery is the power source for the Eachine EX3 foldable drone. It is packed with a 3400 mAh battery which is from Lithium polymer. Further, it has the 7.5V voltage and weighs only at 165g.

The power storage capacity of the EX3 drone is amazing and it can help the drone to fly for up to 20 minutes. Hence, you can make real-time video transmission for a reasonable amount of time. While operating, the battery will maintain the temperature from 50C to 400C.

Similarly, it takes around 4 hours to charge the battery 100%. Sadly, the charging time is quite high as compared to the flying time. It will bind you to put it on charging quite often.

Smart Remote Controller

How will you control your flight? How will you be able to capture the photos of your desired locations?

With the Eachine EX3 drone, you will get an external remote control device to manage the things efficiently. The remote device uses 2xAA removable batteries for power requirements. You can use this device for about 12 hours with 20dbm EIRP.

Further, the remote control device can send the signals up to a distance of 1.6 km with wind resistance rating <4 levels.


The Eachine EX3 GPS drone also provides freedom to you to control your camera angle via a remote device. It can be adjusted from 90-degree to 0-degree.

Optical Flow Positioning

The optical flow positioning system creates a creative way to handle your photo shoot in a productive way. It will allow you to get the real-time optical flow information to make integrated computations.

Therefore, the Eachine EX3 drone makes it possible to capture ultra-fine stability and hovering platform by making the proper use of the optical flow positioning.

Smart Alarm System

In the Eachine EX3 foldable drone, there is a smart remote control alarm system to give you the real-time information about the battery and voltage status.

 If the drone is in low voltage, it will send the status update to the transmitter buzzer. It will sound like a beep and you will get notification of lower battery power.

Additional Features

Additionally, there are many more useful and beneficial features of the Eachine EX3 foldable drone.

The drone is designed with 4 colourful LED lights to make the flights during night time. Further, there are various types of smart sensors like GPS, Optical Flow, Barometer, and Ultra-sonic etc.

Furthermore, the drone supports an external SD card up to the capacity limit of 32 GB.

There is an OLED screen equipped on the remote controller to assist the drone in flying in the area of preference.


On the price tag, the Eachine EX3 foldable drone will not hit you much as it comes against $237.39 on the Banggood online store. You can click the link below to buy it now:

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