HBX68 review: Tinywhoop with 2S power

The HBX68 is a super light and small Tinywhoop that will fly on 2S power. It measures just 68 mm from the motor to motor and weighs in at 25.6 grams. If you want a small and lightweight quad for flying indoors then this definitely is worth taking a look at. It is smaller than the popular Tinyhawk, Trashcan and Mobula 7 but slightly larger than the typical 65 mm whoop. Has HB found the sweet spot? Let’s take a closer look.


The HBX68 uses an F3 flight controller and 0802 16,000 kV motors. It has plenty of power when you fly it on 2S. Like the popular Mobula and Trashcan, it comes with two battery leads so you’ll connect two small 1S batteries in order to supply it with 2S power.

See HBX68 In Action Below.

The batteries fit nicely in the 3D printed battery holder. The HBX68 uses small 35 mm propellers, not 40 mm like the Mobula or Trashcan. The camera is an 800 TVL version and the VTX is switchable from 25/100/200 mW. My HBX68 utilized a FrSky XM receiver and bound it to my X-Lite.


The drone has good power for a tiny quad. However, I found it very light and it couldn’t really handle flying outdoors with any kind of wind. It is quite maneuverable and excels in an indoor environment. You’ll have to have the right indoor setup to really enjoy the power that you get from this tiny little machine.


Is HBX68 Too Big, Too Small, Or Just Right?

I do like the tiny footprint of the drone. It does feel more like a Tiny whoop than the larger 75 mm quads like the Mobula or Tinyhawk. But the 2S power doesn’t quite translate as well as it does on the bigger quads. It has plenty of zipping but doesn’t feel much more powerful than the 1S Tinyhawk.

Mobula 7 & HBX68 & URUAV 65

If you want a tiny quad to hit small gaps this is worth taking a look at but if you want something that feels like a bigger quad then you’ll prefer a Trashcan or Mobula. I’m a big fan of the URUAV 65 as a traditional 65 mm whoop. This drone feels similar to that but definitely has more punch.

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