BRAVOKIDS Blast Doctrine Remote Control Interactive Mech X1

Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunding BRAVOKIDS Smart Interactive Mech

Today, the BRAVOKIDS Smart Interactive Mech started crowdfunding at Xiaomi Youpin. The initial price of crowdfunding starts at 399 yuan ($60.5) and the retail price starts at 599 yuan ($91). This smart interactive mech supports omnidirectional movement, infrared battle, laser aiming, water bomb shooting, memory programming, etc.

BRAVOKIDS Blast Doctrine Remote Control Interactive Mech X1

The BRAVOKIDS smart interactive mech is very beautiful, with a solid skeleton, tough lines, advanced colors, and simple lighting. The user can realize the operation switching of the mech function through the original multi-function handle. Thanks to the low-latency characteristics of the handle, users can get an incisive gaming experience in the battle.

The smart mech adopts modular distribution, all components work in synergy, and adopts dual smart system control to achieve almost “zero delay” response. The main system has reserved room for expansion to facilitate subsequent software upgrades. This smart interactive mech also uses a detachable magnetic induction device. It is convenient for DIY matching. It has four super-large micram wheels, which can realize omni-directional movement.

In addition, this mech has a professional laser sight, with multiple shooting modes. It also has large-capacity water bomb storage. The device can be loaded with 50 water bombs. It can be battled through infrared linkage. It will lose power to crash when hitting the wheel. So, it needs to be restarted and restored. At the same time, the handle will have real-time vibration feedback; built-in 18 action command languages.

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