ZLRC Beast CSJ-X7 – A 4K drone under $150

The ZLRC Beast CSJ-X7 is most definitely an intriguing option. It is the first GPS drone with a 4K camera that we have seen to release for less than $200. This really could be a game changer. It boasts a handful of intelligent flight modes and an impressive flight time of 23 minutes.



This drone was built to look a lot like the DJI Mavic Air. It is a smaller, folding quadcopter and it does have a 4K camera it most definitely will not compete with the DJI Mavic Air. The biggest reason is the camera. Yes, it is capable of 4K but only for photography. The video is limited to 2K, which is still an improvement over 1080p. The camera is on a servo so the pilot should be able to tilt it up and down. It claims a field of view of 120-degrees. The biggest drawback is that the video footage is not stabilized either electronically or with a gimbal. Perhaps with higher resolution footage, this can be done in post-processing.


Flight Modes

This drone is a GPS based drone with altitude hold and an optical flow camera for stability. With its brushless motors, it should be able to perform well outdoors. It will have your standard return home, waypoints, follow me, and point of interest as well as some hand gesture modes for taking selfies. This drone claims a range of 400 meters and a flight time of 23 minutes. While this drone does have some intriguing options don’t mistake it for the Mavic Air. Time will tell how well it will perform. Check back soon as we hope to get our hands on one and put it to the test.

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