Edible coffee cups

Edible Coffee Cups: Air New Zealand Helps Reducing 15 Million Paper Cups Per Year

Edible coffee cups

Recently Air New Zealand thought about how to protect the environment and reduce the disposable coffee cups made out of garbage. They decided to make coffee cups that people can eat. They thought to use it on the airplane and in the VIP lounge of the airport.

Air New Zealand lounge Manager Stratos Scanlon said: “In the morning, we need to serve about 600 cups of coffee in the VIP rooms. So we need to think about some of the more interesting, sustainable use of things. For example, one really can eat the coffee cup. So, this product is very amazing.“

Edible Coffee Cup product Manager Jamie Card Ashmolean said that this product is made from cookies. The cups are made from wheat flour, sugar, egg, and vanilla. It has been described as an “edible biscotti coffee cup” by the airline. The cups are vanilla flavored and can be used for dessert. It’s made by a company called Twice, which is also developing a chocolate-flavored cup and a gluten-free version. According to Twice, there’s no need for users to worry about it leaking and it will happily last until you’ve finished your drink.

Edible coffee cups

Jamie Cashmore, the co-founder of Twice, said the cups “could have a positive impact on the environment”. If you can reduce take-out coffee cups and disposable coffee Cup use, it would be a great thing. Statistics show that currently in New Zealand every year to throw away about 2. 95 billion takeaway coffee cups.

The travelers who use it said this product impression is very good. This is a good method. Besides, some passengers said this is a great idea, and it can be a good Christmas gift.

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