Realme Wireless Earphones

First Realme Wireless Earphones Coming In The Near Future

Realme Wireless Earphones

Realme is gearing up to announce multiple products as 2019 comes to the end. As teased earlier, the company will announce its first true wireless earphones alongside the Realme XT 730G on December 17 at noon in India. Interestingly, there has been no true Realme wireless earphones to the date.

91 mobiles said that it looks like Apple’s AirPods earphones. It also comes in a case just like the AirPods. However, whether the case doubles up as a charging unit for the wireless earphones isn’t confirmed yet. As we know, Apple’s AirPods are priced at Rs 15000 in India, which is quite pricey for most people.

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Realme’s version of the wireless earphones could be a much affordable alternative. But will it be able to provide a better audio experience, remains to be seen in the near future.

Realme CMO, CEO and Product Manager took to their Twitter handles and revealed the three colors of the upcoming Airpods-like yet-unnamed Realme wireless earphones. It comes in black, white, and yellow colors.
In terms of features, the poster shows the LED charging indicator of the headset. And according to the news, this product will support wireless charging. Unfortunately, this is all we know at the moment.

The information also shows that as early as September of this year, Realme launched its first neckband wireless earphone, called “Realme buds” with three colors- yellow, green, and orange. As for the battery, it can play music for 12 hours. It is said, that you can listen to music for 100 minutes after charging for 10 minutes.

The price of this affordable Realme wireless earphones from Realme is 149 yuan (20$).

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