For The First Time, Xiaomi Entered The List Of The World’s Top 500 Companies

The US “Fortune” magazine released the 2019 World Top 500 companies list. The Xiaomi Group was ranked 468th for the very first time, ranking 7th among the worldwide Internet businesses on the record and 112th among the listed Chinese companies.

▲ In the total record of the world’s top 500, Xiaomi rated 468th.

▲ Among the global Internet companies, Xiaomi ranked 7th.

In the listing, Xiaomi is defined as an”Internet service and retail” industry venture, getting the fourth largest Chinese online company after Jingdong, Alibaba and Tencent, along with the seventh largest online business in the world. The accession of Xiaomi has made the number of Chinese Internet companies more than the United States.

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Every year, Fortune magazine publishes the”Fortune Fortune 500″ list, which is based on the annual earnings and net benefit of each company. According to the latest list in 2019, and Xiaomi’s fiscal report, Xiaomi Group’s annual revenue in 2018 has been 174.9 billion yuan, and the adjusted net profit attained 8.55 billion yuan.

According to public information, Jingdong, Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei entered the Fortune Global 500, which required 18, 18, 14 and 23 years respectively. Launched in April 2010, Mi Group was listed on the Fortune Global 500 listing for only 8 years, becoming the fastest Chinese Internet and technology company.

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