G7 Summit Countries Will Provide Technical And Financial Assistance To The “Amazon Fire”

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday. That an agreement to provide “technical and financial assistance” for Amazon fire is nearing completion.

On Monday, leaders from the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada met in the coastal city of Biarritz. At present, Brazil’s record Amazon fire has caused widespread concern in the international community. Critics accuse the Brazilian President Jal Bolsonaro of acting and are suspected of encouraging the deforestation.

Amazon Rainforest

French President Macron described the fire last week as an “international crisis”. And promoted it as a priority issue for the G7 summit this weekend. He said that leaders of all countries “all agree to help those countries that have suffered from fires as soon as possible”. Mark Long added, Our team is in contact with all Amazon countries. So that we can finalize some very specific initiatives, including technical resources and financial support.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK will invest 10 million pounds to protect the Amazon rainforest.

On Friday, in the face of increasing pressure from abroad. Brazilian President Bolsonaro authorized the army to help extinguish the fire.

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