Galaxy Fold Has Sold 1 Million Units

Galaxy Fold

According to a December 12 report by the technology media “The Verge”, Samsung Electronics President Young Sohn revealed on Thursday that the Galaxy Fold has sold 1 million units.

Generally, the report said that this folding screen smartphone stumbled during the listing process and had reliability issues. However, Sun Yingquan said: “One million consumers are willing to use this product for the price of 14,000 yuan ($2000) “.

In fact, Galaxy Fold was officially launched in China on November 8th, priced at 15,999 yuan ($2294). But despite the price, it did not support 5G networks. The Huawei folding screen smartphone Mate X, which was listed one week later, did not disclose sales at 16999 yuan ($2437), and it still needs to be snapped up.

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Galaxy Fold

As early as this year, Samsung and Huawei have launched folding screen smartphones, but have repeatedly delayed listing for different reasons.

  One week before the initial release date (April 21), the Galaxy Fold suffered an “embarrassing incident”. The test machines had various failures involving screens Flicker, cracked screen, raised hinges, etc.

Gao Dongzhen, the president of Samsung ’s mobile division, had an interview with The Verge in June. He admitted that Samsung had made some deviations with the folding screen smartphone. In addition, Mr. Dongzhen noticed that the smartphone was launched before it was ready.

Galaxy Fold

  On September 6, the Galaxy Fold finally went on sale in South Korea after some twists and turns. The 5G version comes with a Snapdragon 855 + X50 5G baseband and is priced at 2.398 million won (about 14250 yuan or $2040).

  However, the seemingly popular Galaxy Fold has not been satisfactory. According to the Yonhap News Agency, after using this innovative device, Korean consumers found that the left and the right screens are out of sync and the scroll is wavy.

Samsung responded by saying that it has made every effort to improve the product. This problem is the characteristics of the large screen and there is also a powerless part. The company also said that these issues are also related to the user’s sensitivity to use and are not part of the return.


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